β€œThe sky is filled with stars, invisible by day.”

H. Wadsworth Longfellow

WOMSH’s 2022 Fall-Winter campaign is a journey into our own selves, a metaphysical encounter with our internal roadmap which guides us only towards that which really counts and helps us to look out at a world through a new lens to see what was not there before. Through dreams, deeply-rooted values and the vision of a brighter future in ethical and environmental terms. Clothing, bodies, colours and geometrical patterns serve as guiding lights along the way, helping us to sort the wheat from the chaff and identify what is essential.

Through a narration of events that invites us to believe in the invisible – all that we cannot yet make out, but still exists somewhere – with an ethereal otherworldly atmosphere which blurs the line between figures and space.

A viewpoint that opens up new interpretations and upends the logical order of the world where everything becomes much more than it seems to be. Where the main characters might not be mere human beings, rather wizards able to transform the present and future by making responsible choices; a place where bodies become souls and fashion is a way of life; a place where the star-spangled night turns into daytime and dreams are suddenly reality.

For the new campaign, we also relied on SPAZIO META, a space dedicated to recovery and reuse of materials and scenery from ephemeral set-ups. Spazio META promotes waste reduction and shifts the focus to the potential of existing resources.

We look for solutions that can leave a positive mark every day.

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