Sustainability has a cost but it is an investment

The planet’s resources are dwindling and the amount of waste we produce is increasing. Finding viable alternatives to reduce the environmental impact of our actions is essential, which is why sustainability is a cornerstone on which to build a sound future. It is a key element, not a value-added one and, as such, it involves many aspects of our work as a company and as people, both ethical and financial.

We are working towards products with a long life and reducing their impact on the environment. We are rethinking our shoes, starting with everyday gestures, sharing and genuine use.

Sustainability has a cost but it is an investment

For a company, being sustainable also means facing difficulties and higher costs. Sustainable models cost more, which is why we work hard to let people understand this value.  

In the world that we are trying to build together with you, sustainability must become a concept inherent in all company activities, a normality that is part of social culture.

When products cost little, it means that companies are making others pay the price that is missing, either people with unsustainable work conditions or the environment. This results in pollution, neglect and the use of poor-quality materials that are produced with high energy consumption.

In the end, the sustainable work of a company is not only an asset for that company but also a social legacy.

What it means for a fashion company to be sustainable   

Being sustainable means having a direct, transparent, fair, solidarity-based supply chain, based on fashion that involves people we know, support and protect.  

For example, our shoe boxes are made of entirely recycled cardboard and are covered with Favini Crush paper that replaces cellulose and contains 15% corn waste.  

Crush is FSC-certified
(this raw material comes from forests where very stringent environmental, social and economic standards are respected). It is made using EKOenergia, 100% green renewable energy, and is GMO-free, i.e. without genetically modified organisms. This product has required research and tests, time and resources.  We pay the right price for it, more than for a “traditional” box, and we really want it because we are confident in our green choices.

This is just a small example to show you that our investment is certainly ethical but also financial.  We are betting on the future by focusing on suppliers, raw materials and finely-honed eco-friendly processes, which are therefore of great value.

We do our best to bring you the intrinsic value of a truly sustainable product and to justify the cost of technological investments.  

We know that if we succeed in conveying respect for the environment, not only do we deliver a message but also encourage you and all our customers to make better  decisions when purchasing.

Our communication campaigns go hand-in-hand with our goals: they are increasingly direct, comprehensive and full of information, because for us sustainability is also transparency.