Sustainable with style

It’s possible to be sustainable without giving up on style. We can be passionate about fashion while also being committed to defending the environment. We can be responsible and want to dress well.

In fashion, ethics and aesthetics can meet and enhance each other.

Fashion that is both beautiful and good

Green thinking concerns everyone.

The very idea of sustainability involves the idea of the future, and it is everyone’s responsibility to build it as well as they can.

Sustainable fashion is a step forward that we take towards the health of the planet, but also towards restoring the value of quality. Quality of fabrics, workmanship, relationships between the people who create and those who choose. 

How we can do our part

According to a report from the INSEAD institute, there are three things that companies can do to help make quality fashion sustainable without sacrificing style.

  • Adopting a “slow fashion” mentality by reducing yearly collections and aiming for timeless collections.
  • Using alternative materials without compromising production cycles and reusing recycled fabrics.
  • Following a rigorous sustainability regulation valid for all players in the fashion industry.

How you can do your part

If you like to dress well, keep looking for apparel and footwear that express your personality, that make you feel comfortable, that aren’t itchy or too tight, and that at the same time keep the planet in mind. How can you do this? Here’s some advice:

  • When you enter a store, read the labels and find out what you’re really buying. When you buy online, try to do the same thing: the website or the product sheet should contain all the relevant information about how that dress or shoe was made
  • If you like a brand, find out about how it’s produced 
  • Invest in good/high quality clothing: it’s an expense that will pay off over time because it will last longer
  • Select clothing made with biodegradable and natural fibres
  • Do you have clothes, purses and shoes you no longer use? Recycle them!
  • Has that accessory fallen out of favour because it’s not in fashion anymore? Breathe new life into it by turning it into something else!

Is that something you already do? Great! By being an aware consumer, you’re making an important positive contribution to our planet. Be proud of yourself, because it means that you love beautiful things and that you’re making an effort for something crucial: a future for everyone.