Change: a new way of doing things

Fashion brings change, style and function, it makes us dream, allows us to express ourselves, it helps many people to show outside what they are on the inside. 

However, this very industry which has change in its DNA significantly contributes to global greenhouse gas emissions, requires significant water consumption, pollutes water, generates billions of tonnes of waste every year and is lagging behind in taking ecologically-minded measures to combat these negative effects on the environment.

Fashion and eco-friendly change

If they do not change how they think and do business, fashion brands will not be able to fulfil their customers’ dreams while also contributing to the well-being of society and the environment.

Continuing with the status quo will not be enough. We cannot continue on this path in the long term if we want to do the right thing for our business sector while also doing the right thing for people and the environment. 

The clothing industry is facing a radical transformation.  Companies will need to reduce their environmental impact, and this change will be an opportunity to become better brands.

Innovation for sustainability

To face the challenges of the future, the clothing industry will need to take courageous steps that can generate radical changes and foster innovation. 

Improving efficiency is not enough. The world needs a profound, system-wide change.

Some brands have identified new business models to make the sector more environmentally friendly. Instead of a linear approach (make, sell, discard), they have adopted circular business models that aim to reduce consumption, involving repair, reuse and recycling, process improvement and the use of innovative materials like sustainable fibres.

Changes are necessary

We should not let ourselves be convinced by those who say that nothing will ever change. Innovators have always had to fight scepticism. Changes are necessary and inherent in the very concept of life.

Changing doesn’t mean giving something up, it means searching for a new way of doing things.

We should leave the world better than we found it.

And this is what is beautiful: for us, who in our own small way seek to always be increasingly sustainable, it means feeling like a participant in, and even the creator of, change.

It brings us so much joy to do this, that we decided this would be the only way we do business: our payoff #choosethechange well describes our attitude. People who think they can change the world are really already doing it.