Sustainable fashion: a new approach

How can we talk about sustainable fashion?

Fashion has a propensity for change in its DNA. Fashion is the industry where time is dictated by 2 annual collections (spring/summer and autumn/winter), with semi-new garments very easily thrown away to make room for new ones.

In such an industry, sustainability is definitely a challenge and can bring surprising results. Sustainable fashion is possible: what could have been a niche market until a few years ago is no longer sustainable today. Fashion can, and must, play a vital role in achieving a sustainable future, acting as a driving force for other kinds of markets. Today, sustainable fashion is a reality and a choice that more and more companies have decided to embrace: we will tell you how we are doing it.

Womsh: the shoe that has something to say

Womsh stands for “Word of Mouth Shoes”. We call ourselves by this name because we have an important message to share. What is it? We only have one planet to live on and we must do everything we can to preserve everything that is good about it.  As a company, we have decided not to give up the playful and aesthetic aspects of our product: we make beautiful sneakers and every day we aim to make them more beautiful while trying to change our usual models of production, distribution, and communication.

There is no such thing as zero impact  

Zero impact does not exist. The only shoe that doesn’t have an impact on the environment is the shoe you don’t buy. We know, however, that we can do things differently: we can design, produce, sell and offer an after-sales service so that our actions are sustainable. How? With forethought and actions. For example, we calculated the impact that producing a pair of our shoes has on the environment: we asked a company specialized in this to calculate the C02 released from the production cycle of a pair of our sneakers. Once we found out, we planted as many trees as required to compensate for the C02: we take but we also give back.

And much more.

We implement a series of measures that help us reduce, as far as possible, the consequences of the effects on our planet: we use recovered, recycled and white tanned materials, and we also produce vegan sneakers with a lower environmental impact.

And even more.

We are committed to sustainability not only in environmental terms (our products do not have to cross oceans to reach our target market) but also in economic and social terms: for our employees, we can ensure wellbeing, healthy and serene work environments, as well as equal and more than fair wages for supporting their families.   We are pursuing this approach that includes respecting man while protecting the environment. We cannot ask you to make a more conscious and more ethical purchase if we are not first able to guarantee you a more conscious and ethical production process.

So, every day we play our part.